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I am a Clinical Psychologist and researcher, and I aspire to being part of the collective effort to reduce harms and injustice.

I work across a variety of areas, making links across them:

  • Preventing abuse and trauma, and ameliorating their impact in child and adulthood - with a particular focus on sexual abuse

  • Psychologically-informed approaches to societal systems and norms conducive to harm, with a focus on those online

  • Evidence-based educational approaches that foreground autonomy, core values, and good relationships

I undertake consultation, research & analysis, training, service development, and psychological assessments. I work with educators, police, victims and survivors, policy-makers, national organisations and charities, and I am also an experienced therapist. Central to all my work is the application of research to practice & policy.

I am Research Director of the new PSHE Association initiative Fully Human (soon to more fully launch with a newsletter and series of articles).

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